More Painting Birds in Gouache -- Cover


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More Painting Birds in Gouache

Birds are such an inspiration to the artist, so full of movement, color and ever changing form.  With gouache, an opaque watercolor, and some practice, you can learn to paint every little detail of our feathered friends and create realistic illustrations.

In this second workbook on painting birds (it's not necessary to have completed the first one as this is a stand alone workbook) this workbook can help you along your way.  The four demonstrations give step by step instructions for creating illustrations of an Eastern Meadowlark, an American Robin, an Eastern Bluebird and a Wood Duck.

So, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist wanting to brush up on gouache, find a quiet place and spend some time with your paper, brushes and paint and learn some techniques for painting with gouache.

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